Parker White Furniture Packs

Parker White are a supplier of bespoke furniture packages for investment and rental properties.
We are a bespoke furniture maker and upholstery company and specialise in providing furnishing packages for our rental property investors.
We have worked closely with many clients with a view to providing standard and bespoke solutions for their individual needs.
We at Parker White deal with all the elements of ordering, design and delivery of the furniture packs to provide a hassle free service for our clients.

The research we have undertaken over the past few years has proved to us as investors ourselves and to our clients that the provision of a complete package for the rental customer is the only solution to maximising the income potential of investment properties.
We have utilised our extensive knowledge of the retail furniture market alongside our own experience of over 25 years in investment property to put together bespoke packages that we feel cannot fail to get the best returns on your investment.
As manufacturers ourselves we can also offer unbeatable value on our bespoke and standard packages